Ned Venture, a comedy directed by Ron Stone, was named a finalist at Cinemagic London.

Will Loconto Music and Sound provided music composition, recording, and mixing on the movie at Loconote, Austin.

Local skate park hero Ned Venture is thrown into the wildest and craziest adventure of his life after accidently finding a large stash of stolen diamonds in an abandoned warehouse. This takes Ned and his family on a series of hair-raising and humorous chase scenes with thrilling stunts and a rocking soundtrack.

The bumbling gang of wise-guy wannabes who hid the stolen diamonds discovers that Ned and his little brother Nick found them, and now they want them back. Mayhem and hilarity ensue as the chase begins and includes 11 year old Nick driving a stolen sports car, a shark chasing bad guys on a jet ski, Ned riding his skateboard on top of a semi-truck as it’s speeding down the highway at 70 miles per hour, and a final, wild chase scene with mobsters, cops, kids and a car full of angry circus clowns.

Throughout all of the wild adventures the Venture kids go through in this over-the-top comedy, they stick to their goal of raising enough money to shoot a music video with the hope of selling it to a music television program so they can help out their financially struggling dad. In the end, the Venture family demonstrates what unity, perseverance, hard work, and love, are all about.

Ned Venture is a big comedy with an even bigger heart!