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Complimenting his work in popular music Will has contributed to many high-profile video game projects including Rayman Raving RabbidsAliens vs. Predator 2: Primal HuntRichard Garriott’s Tabula RasaAmerican McGee’s AliceX-Men: The Official Game, and Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay. His music has also been heard on televison shows including American Ninja Warrior, Entertainment Tonight, Building Alaska, NFL Total Access, and Hap and Leonard.

Will served as Audio Director at the video game company Ion Storm, and some of his time there is recounted in the book, Masters of Doom by David Kushner, and in the PC Gamer Magazine feature, The History of Ion Storm by Rick Lane. He was a founding partner and Audio Director at game studio, Third Law Interactive, later moving on to run his own audio production company for 15+ years. Will has been a featured lecturer at Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall and The Art Institute of Austin.


Music, Audio, and Production Credits

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Best Lyrics/Lyricist, Nominee – Will Loconto – Castaways (feat. Tiger Darrow) by Interwebz

2018 Hollywood Music in Media AwardsFinalist

Best Vocal (Female), Nominee – Interwebz – Castaways (feat. Tiger Darrow)

2018 Hollywood Music in Media AwardsFinalist

Will has provided high quality voice, music, and sound for various projects for me and has been fantastic to work with.  Not only the quality of the work but his ability to make everything happen quickly and adapt to production hurdles on my end make working with him that much better.  Highly recommend Will for both quality and professionalism.

Matt HooperDirector of Development, Oculus

EDM, Nominee – #CONSPIRACY (feat. Kurt Harland Larson)

2017 Hollywood Music in Media AwardsFinalist

Considering the game is called RAGE, the introduction cinematic completely surprised me. Not only does it perfectly establish the framework for the story, but is also accompanied by haunting piano music that invokes an actual emotional response. Simple, sad and incredibly effective; it is one of my favourite introduction cinematics of any game.

RAGE ReviewVicoGaming.com

Contemporary Christian/Gospel, Nominee – “It’s Gonna Be a Good Day” – Drew Haley and Will Loconto

2014 Hollywood Music in Media AwardsFinalist

Contemporary Christian/Gospel, Nominee – “It’s Gonna Be a Good Day” – Drew Haley and Will Loconto

14th Annual Independent Music AwardsFinalist

I can honestly say that including Will on our team was the best decision we could have ever made. Not only is he great to work with in all regards, but he has an unmatched ability to take a core vision, flesh it out, and substantially enhance it. His music really solidifies the game. I hope that the future holds many opportunities for us to create with Will on the team again.

Justin Leingang Lead Designer, Amaze Entertainment

Best Original Score – Video Game, Nominee – “Apophis” and “Ascension” – RAGE (with Assaf Rinde and Rod Abernethy)

2011 Hollywood Music in Media AwardsFinalist

Will was an absolute pleasure to work with. His music is memorable, it always hits the right mood and I never get tired of hearing his scores. He quickly adapts to any technical limitations and is a true professional. If I have my choice I would choose to use him on all of my projects.

Scott WhiteCreative Director, Amaze Entertainment

Best Original Instrumental, Nominee – “The Heist” – Pictureka Museum Mayhem – Will Loconto

2009 Game Audio Network Guild AwardsFinalist

X-Men: The Official Game’s soundtrack is by far the coolest aspect of the game. Whether it’s the sound engine or simply Amaze hiring a good soundtrack composer, X-Men’s tunes shine through the rest of the game’s mediocrity.

X-Men: The Official Game DS ReviewIGN

The composer has scored the game almost perfectly.

X-Men: The Official Game DS ReviewztGameDomain.com

Best Sound of E3 2004 – Tabula Rasa

Warcry.com Best of E3 AwardsFinalist

This excellence extends into the overall sound design with the sound effects and soundtrack itself building half the atmosphere alone.


American McGee’s Alice ReviewInside Mac Games

The very first thing I noticed when I booted up Zombie Apocalypse was the soundtrack. The music in the game has a very lonely, dark feeling to it, and I felt that it set the mood perfectly…The game’s soundtrack also sounded like they came straight from a horror movie.

Zombie Apocalypse ReviewKombo.com

Oh Will Loconto, your music kicks ass.

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child ReviewDVD Fever

The soundtrack rises to the occasion bringing some heroic scores to the mix making the audio the best part of the game.

X-Men: The Official Game DS ReviewGameChronicles.com

Sound and music are something really special…The music is certainly the best video game music I have heard.

John Romero’s Daikatana ReviewAction Trip

“It hasn’t been since Mario 64 that I have heard such an effectively interactive soundtrack.”

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child ReviewPVC