Will Loconto Music and Sound

Across dozens of published titles, Will Loconto Music and Sound has a proven track record of top quality and on-time delivery.  Our credits span more than 25 years and include games, television, film, and popular music.


Will Loconto

With more than 30 years in the recording and videogame industries, Will Loconto brings a comprehensive body of knowledge, experience, and creativity to his work. He was lead vocalist/songwriter for T-4-2 (Columbia Records) and spent several years with Information Society (Reprise Records). Will is currently Chairman and Co-Founder of Ternion Records, an Austin, Texas based independent music label. Along with Assaf Rinde, Will is member of the electronic band Aural Imperative. In the game industry, he has served as Audio Director at two companies (ION Storm and Third Law Interactive) and has been a featured lecturer at Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall. Will is a member of NARAS, ASCAP, the International Game Developers Association, and the Game Audio Network Guild.


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Will Loconto Music and Sound offers a full variety of audio creation and production services:

  • Film Scoring
  • Television Scoring
  • Game Scoring
  • Adaptive Music Composition
  • Surround Mixing
  • Songwriting and Recording
  • Music Production
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Custom SFX Design
  • Custom SFX Recording
  • Project Mixing
  • Game Audio Engine Consultation
  • VO Recording and Editing
  • VO Coordination/Casting
  • Dialog Recording and Editing
  • Dialog Mixing