Will Loconto

Musician • Songwriter • Composer • Opinion/Podcast • Game Developer • Business Owner • Creative Entrepreneur 

A well-respected and accomplished musician, songwriter, producer, and game developer, Will is also highly regarded for his success as a creative entrepreneur. His distinguished career has spanned decades across several industries.

His band T-4-2 was signed to Columbia Records, and he performed with the platinum-selling group Information Society. Complimenting his work in popular music, he has contributed to many high-profile video game projects, including Rayman Raving RabbidsAliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt, Richard Garriott’s Tabula RasaAmerican McGee’s AliceX-Men: The Official Game, and Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay. Will’s work has also been heard on several TV shows, including American Ninja Warrior, Entertainment Tonight, Building Alaska, NFL Total Access, and Hap and Leonard.

He served as Audio Director at the video game company Ion Storm, and some of his time there is recounted in the book Masters of Doom by David Kushner and in the PC Gamer Magazine feature, The History of Ion Storm by Rick Lane. He was Co-founder and Audio Director at game developer Third Law Interactive, later moving on to run his own audio production company for over a decade. Will has been a featured lecturer at Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall and The Art Institute of Austin.

Will was CEO and Director of 3×5 Health/Argus One Systems Corporation, which delivered real-time point-of-care decision support software, enabling private and public health entities to monitor, rapidly detect, and respond to outbreaks and health events. The system was deployed in South Texas, monitoring public school student health over many years. In 2012, it was instrumental in the early detection and management of influenza in the city of Laredo, Texas.

He was one of the top Photon (the first laser tag game) players in the world, and in 1986 appeared on ABC’s news show 20/20 and in Seventeen Magazine.

Will lives in Austin, Texas.